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Pretty in Polymer

Well, today's the day! I'm finally launching the shop!

It's been a long time in the pipeline (my husband, Paul, has been telling me for years that I should be putting my creativity to good use. It took a lockdown and the fear of lots of empty time to fill to get me working on it).

So, when the whole world was put on mandatory relaxation time, I went a bit mad and made loads of Polymer Clay earrings, basing the designs on my love of bright colours, clashing prints and all-around eclectic style.

I'm sure some of you must wondering what polymer clay is?

Well, for a start, it isn't clay as you know it. It doesn't come out of the ground and it doesn't take really high temperatures to cure.

Polymer clay is actually a type of vinyl, completely synthetic and so comes is every colour imaginable (yay!) which makes it a firm favourite amongst those of us who like to create in bright tones.

It's extraordinarily light-weight: even the biggest earrings I stock weight under 10 grams, meaning they're easy to wear all day.

Well, there's your learning for the day.

Before I sign off, I want to skay a big old thank you to the people who have been key in getting this little shop of mine open:

First up, my babe of a husband, Paul. He's had to put up with me constantly talking about earrings, asking his opinion on things he has no clue about, and keep me focused when I get over excited (which is all the time).

Secondly, Chellie Sowerby has been AMAZING by offering her graphic design skills and creating my logo, earring cards and so much more. She's turned my vision into a reality and made the brand feel so very me, in a way nobody else will have done. Chellie, I bloody adore you.

And lastly, all my friends and family who have had constant updates and a never-ending stream of questions launched at them. You're all ace. Thanks for the support and encouragement!

Anyway. It's 5 minutes until I launch this baby of mine!

Ciao, bellas!


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