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Super Seconds Saturday!

Organised by Ink & Bear

Hi folks! Some of you may have seen my social posts about Super Seconds Saturday, but I figured I'd do a little blog post to give you all the deets about what it is and how it's going to work so you're all prepped and ready to find yourself some bargains this weekend!

What is it?

Super Seconds Saturday is the brainchild of the wonderful Sophie, a screen printer and the owner of Ink & Bear. The easiest way to describe it is as a "virtual market place".

Lots of indie businesses are involved and are coming together on Instagram to promote their products at sale prices.

What are Seconds?

Seconds are the products that haven't quite gone to plan: Sometimes it's a faded corner on a print, sometimes it's a mark that's barely even noticeable, but we know it's there.

These items are usually sold off at craft fairs at discount prices - think bargain buckets!

For me, my seconds are often tester bits. They're the one-offs I've made to trial a new technique or design and then decided not to add to a collection (most of the times I end up keeping them for myself and wear them for all the self promo).

I'm also going to be adding in some old stock from previous collections, as well as a some items that I just plain old didn't like the end results of.

How do I grab a bargain?!

If you want a couple of pairs of snazzy new earrings, click the Super Seconds tab in the menu.

To find yourself some other fab new prints/accessories/homeware, follow the hashtag on Instagram, have a scroll through to see who else is involved and what they have to offer! Each maker will be selling in a way that suits them: some might be through their own websites, some might be via Etsy etc and some might be first come first serve over insta direct messages.

We're going to start selling from 10 am, so make sure you log on early to avoid missing out on any goodies,

What's on offer & who's involved?

There's jewellery, accessories, t-shirts, homeware, prints, cards and more! There's over 50 makers involved so far, so hopefully there's something for everyone.

I'm a maker and I want to be involved!

Hey there, fellow indie babe, how wonderful that you wanna be a part of Super Seconds! Get in contact with Sophie from Ink & Bear via Instagram and she'll give you all the info you need to join in.

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