"Tuppy" | Jo's Trust | Hoop PENDANT ONLY

"Tuppy" | Jo's Trust | Hoop PENDANT ONLY


Charity collectiont to raise funds for Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust 

100% of each sale will go to Jo's Trust



Please purchase your hoops seperately here

In honour of the work Jo's Trust do, I asked instagram what people call their vulvas and I've named each item in the collection after one of them!

These hoops are 20mm in diameter and the heart pendant is 30mm in length. 


Jo's Trust work hard towards eradicating cervical cancer: They encourage open and honest conversation about women's health issues, setting up campaigns like "smear for smear" on social media to get people talking openly about the importance of smear tests. They also provide support for people going through cervical cancer treatments, offering helplines & group meetings.